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What is a good domain name?

In my understanding, a good domain name should do the following:

  1. .comend;
  2. short;
  3. easy to remember;
  4. contain brand words;

Do you have to have a .com domain name?

Let me first explain why many people say that a website must .comend.

This should be regarded as a “convention” in the Internet. The DNS service of the Internet was first established in January 1985. When it was first established, there were only the following seven DNSs:

  • .com
  • .arpa
  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .mil
  • .net
  • .org

Because “com” means commercial, early Internet companies registered with .comsuffixes. Although later .com, , .net, and .org, all opened up unlimited registrations, making these domain names the same, but .combecause they started early and were used by the most people, The strong are always strong, so .comthe custom of making a brand has been passed down.

Therefore, many  customers of the older generation  only recognize .comdomain names, and their acceptance of other domain names is not high.

For example, my brand is imiker, and the other party’s first reaction is that your official website must be imiker.com.

You tell him that your official website is imiker.org, imiker.net, people can’t remember it at all, and when you enter the domain name in the browser, you still enter it the same .com.

Of course, if the customer base is relatively young and has not been influenced by the Internet from zero to one in childhood, then the acceptance of other domain names will be much higher than that of the older generation.

An obvious trend is that many start-up companies are no longer willing to buy .comdomain names at high prices. Things like Xiaomi’s high-priced acquisitions mi.comand Vipshop’s high-priced acquisitions vip.comwill happen less and less in the future.

You can see it by looking at a trend and phenomenon-now many foreign start-up companies no longer use it .comas a must, but start to use .coor .ioand other suffixes as their official website addresses.

Although it is a helpless move, the better .comdomain names are basically registered over and over again. For example, yansir.comI have always been greedy for this domain name .I checked online and found that it will expire in 18 years, so I set a mobile phone alarm clock,
planning to register it as soon as it expires.

As a result, when the time came, I found that this domain name had been extended to 2019. It can be basically guessed that the other party is in the domain name business. The extremely low cost has been renewed, as long as some of the domain names can be sold at a high price, then the business is profitable.

I wanted to take down this domain name, but I had no choice but to pay. As a result, the inquiry found that yansir.comthe other party asked for 200,000 yuan.

Expensive is not expensive, but it is impossible for any brand to use the 6 letters of yansir, because this domain name ends with sir, so it is doomed, only individuals will register and use it,  and  foreign countries use “yan” as the first name Even less.

With such a narrow audience, the other party charged 200,000 yuan, which is a bit too much. After thinking about it, I still didn’t buy it in the end. I shouldn’t be taken advantage of.

Moreover, as soon as we enter the 5G era, domain names will become more and more useless, and we yansir.comcan only entertain ourselves in the future. It is better to save the 200,000 yuan and buy a few catties of ribs to eat.

So my suggestion is, if your customer group is around 50 years old, then to be on the safe side, register a .comdomain name or buy .coma domain name from someone else, buy it directly, in addition to being expensive, there are many benefits, such as buying a registered domain name 10-year domain name, when doing SEO, this is a small bonus item (whether to add points, SEO circles are still controversial), Google will trust the content of your website more when indexing.

If your customers are born in the 80s, 90s, or 00s, then it really doesn’t matter. For example, most of my readers are born in the 80s and 90s. For them, there is not much difference between yansir.comand yansir.vip, and they even think the latter is cooler.

Therefore, if your situation is the same as mine, when .comyour domain name is registered, in addition to changing the domain name, you can also consider the following suffixes:

  • .cc
  • .net
  • .co
  • .top
  • .vip
  • .io

The above suffixes are easy to remember, others like .xyz.wangare too uncommon, unless it is a website for playing tickets, otherwise it is not recommended.

Do domain names have to be short?

Short is of course good, for example mi.comvip.comsuch an ultra-short domain name is priceless, the former is 3.6 million US dollars, equivalent to RMB 25 million, equivalent to 3 suites in Shenzhen, and the latter is 2 million US dollars, which is also an exaggeration.

Another example is my friend Mr. Wang Sheng, who has suv.combike.comhz.com, each of which is priceless. In 2018, he sold hz.comit cheaply and sold it for more than 9 million yuan.

Short domain names are naturally good, but many people fall into a misunderstanding, thinking that the shorter the domain name, the better. For example, it seems very strange to have to register such a meaningless name when the domain name orange.comand domain name can be registered. .osbfd.comosbfd.com

In fact, as long as we think deeply, it is easy to understand the question “why short domain names are usually good domain names” . Why?


Short things are easier to remember .

Note that easy to remember is the ultimate goal, short is just a means!

If the purpose is deviated from the purpose and the means are discussed separately, then no matter how short the domain name is, it is useless if it is difficult to remember. For example, I have a student in Mi Ke who makes refrigerators. I have two domain names at hand, one is and the other is (the real domain name ZZBR.comis COLDAY.comhidden Go, that’s what it means), if it were you, which one would you choose?

ZZBR is a four-letter domain name, and COLDAY is a six-letter domain name. The former is much shorter than the latter, but COLDAY is obviously more in line with his industry, and it is also catchy to read, which is perfect for a brand name.

For another example, there is a well-known cross-border e-commerce brand called Lanting Jishi . Its domain name is lightinthebox.com, does it really have no money to buy a short domain name? Of course not, but lightinthebox is easy to remember and very visual, so why not use this easy-to-remember long domain name?

Besides, when Alibaba was founded, couldn’t Jack Ma register a shorter domain name? But why did you choose Alibaba in the end? Because Alibaba is easy to remember.

Moreover, the pronunciation of Alibaba is particularly good. Any country, any language, and any culture in the world have the same pronunciation.

Finally, and most importantly, Alibaba is also linked to the story of “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves”. Although this domain name has seven letters, it is much better than any two-letter domain name.

Therefore, the domain name does not care about the length, as long as it is easy to remember, you can have more than a dozen letters.

Do domain names have to contain brand words?

Many people’s thinking is still stuck in more than ten years ago. They think that if you put a keyword in the domain name, the traffic will come by itself, and the inquiry will come by itself. For example, chinaledlighting.comor ledlightingfactory.com, this is the keyword domain name. Register this domain name When you get down, you feel that you can sit back and relax.

Check out this article from SEJWell, it has clearly stated:

  1. Keyword domain names do not have the advantage of time accumulation;
  2. The ranking of keyword domain names will not be better;
  3. Keywords have lost their ranking influence a long time ago;
  4. Keyword domain names and brand word domain names are ranked similarly.

Google has clearly told you that it doesn’t matter whether there are keywords in the domain name or not. This is really cruel to us SEOs. The biggest pain in the world is not that the other party hates you, but that the other party ignores you.

So now when you go to register a domain name, you really don’t need to focus on the ranking, because it won’t help the ranking anyway , you just need to focus on the element of “easy to remember”.

  • As long as keywords are added to the domain name to make the domain name easy to remember, then add keywords;
  • As long as the keywords are removed from the domain name to make the domain name easy to remember, then remove the keywords;

In a word, it means that keywords are optional, but brand words are essential.

What are brand words? Apple is a brand term, Nike is a brand term, BMW is a brand term, and Imiker is a brand term.

Brand words are your assets, which require your continuous investment and will give you countless returns in the future. When you register a domain name, you should take this into consideration.

With brand words, your business has a soul.

So from now on, don’t take keywords too seriously and brand words too lightly. For example, I am a customer service headset, and the keyword is headset. I plan to make a brand called pandy. Here are a few options:

  1. Sign up to headsetfactory.com
  2. Register at pandyheadset.com
  3. Purchase pandy.com (the other party quoted 2 million RMB)

It’s you, how do you choose?

Anyway, I will choose the middle one pandaheadset.com, because the domain name contains brand words, and it is also very easy to remember.

pandy.comNo, if you can register pandy.com, then register pandy.comdecisively. The key is that pandy costs two million. For a foreign trade 2B business, it is not necessary to spend so much money in the early stage, just to cultivate a brand that may not be successful.

Having said so much, a good domain name is nothing more than the following elements:

  1. .comend;
  2. short;
  3. easy to remember;
  4. contain brand words;

Among them, the third point is the most important. For the sake of easy memory, the other three points can be ignored as appropriate.