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I am the webmaster Maker of Justdoida.

I hold multiple roles. On the one hand, I run several websites and make money through online marketing blogs.

On the other hand, I have transformed my experience in online marketing into a course, and I am currently teaching it.

A few years after graduation, I’ve been working. I worked in marketing and promotion in Shenzhen and held positions including customer service, sales, and project management in Nanjing. I remember that the first thing I did in Nanjing was to make cold calls to unfamiliar clients.

Later, the money I earned through other channels, primarily Affiliate and Info Product, far surpassed my regular job. So, I quit my job to put all my energy into online marketing.

Have you ever felt this way: Online Marketing is quite fascinating? The more you research, the more obsessive you get. It is closely related to making money.

After acquiring a solid grasp of online marketing, many avenues open up to generate income. You can make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, starting a B2B international trade company, selling leads, cross-border e-commerce, and drop shipping.

Most of these ways bring passive income. It is pretty cool!

Currently, I stay home and wait for the money to come by itself …… It may sound arrogant, but that’s my daily life. I occasionally receive remittances in US dollars, so my life is quite comfortable.

I’ve benefited from online marketing and have become increasingly obsessed with it. Recently, I have been exploring more ways to make money, including but not limited to cross-border e-commerce and drop shipping.

I’m just starting in these ways and do not reach the level to guide others. Once my monthly income from these channels exceeds $10,000, I will share my experiences.

Operating this blog serves several purposes. On the one hand, it allows me to write down my experiences in online marketing and summarize scattered knowledge to build into a structured body of knowledge. On the other hand, I firmly believe in the Feynman Technique. Sharing knowledge will benefit me the most.

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