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Where do I register a domain name?

I recommend NameSilo, The website NameSilo looks tattered, but it has been very stable. It belongs to the big name of the domain name service provider, and the price is normal. good.

After clicking the above link to enter, enter the domain name you want to register in the search box.

Then .comcheck or other suffixes you want to register, and click “register checked domains” below.

On the next page, NameSilo’s first profit point “domain name protection” service pops up, although NameSilo claims that the service:

  1. Reduce the risk of DDOS attacks
  2. Speed ​​up website loading with DNS caching
  3. Provides an extra layer of security against hackers

But if someone really wants to use DDOS to attack you, someone really wants to hack you, services like NameSilo are obviously not enough, so choose “NO” decisively.

On the next page, you can refer to my options to adjust, select “No” for “Auto-Renew”, select “WHOIS Privacy” for “Privacy Setting”, and select “3 years” for “Set all years to”:

Explain what the above options mean one by one.

  1. Service Link: You can directly select a third-party service, and then link to it. For example, if you choose “G-suite”, after the domain name is purchased, the DNS will directly become the DNS of Google’s business mailbox. You don’t need to bother to modify it. You can also choose “Shopify” , directly help you to change the DNS, if you are building a WordPress website, then this option will not be used;
  2. NameServers: If you did not select the previous option, you can directly fill in the DNS server. For example, if you bought a siteground space, or plan to use cloudflare’s CDN, you can fill in the corresponding DNS address here, which saves the need for post-purchase modification Trouble;
  3. Auto-Renew: After checking, it will automatically renew the fee. It is suitable for credit card or payment method with contract function, but if you use Alipay, then you cannot automatically renew the fee, so generally you can choose “No” here. Anyway, the domain name There will be an email reminder before the expiration date;
  4. Privacy Setting: privacy setting, you can hide the whois information, in the default state, after the domain name of NameSilo is sold, anyone can use it like WHO.IS(target=_blank)This type of query tool finds the name, email, address, phone number and other information of your domain name, so after our email is registered, it is naturally exposed, and those who send spam on the Internet can give us Send spam, so check the privacy settings here, which can reduce the amount of spam to a certain extent;
  5. Set all years to: It is equivalent to setting the registration time. By default, the registration time of NameSilo is 1 year. We can also directly purchase more years, up to 10 years;
  6. Next Disccount: This is a promotional activity organized by NameSilo. In my screenshot, it prompts “49 more registrations”, which means that if I purchase 49 more domain names on NameSilo, I can get a certain discount… How should I put it, I always feel that this marketing method is a bit sandy.

Before buying, you can also fill in a Coupon, because there are quite a lot of people who bought domain names from Mike’s recommendations, so Mike simply applied for a discount code, as long as you fill in, you can get a discount of IMIKER1 US dollar.

Click Next to enter the registration or login page. If you have a NameSilo account before, please log in after filling in the account password in the picture below:

If you do not have an account, fill in the complete information in the picture below:

The following privacy information can be filled in according to my prompts:

After filling in, click “Create My New Account”, and then log in to NameSilo with this account.